Our computer lab is one of the finest assets for the community. The lab provides families, students, and individuals in the community the ability to utilize computers with internet access.  The lab has five Dell computers, a LaserJet printer and Internet service.  The computers have been installed with word processing software and spreadsheet software for community members and visitors to compose letters, fliers, spreadsheets, etc. and for students who may need to research and type school reports.  During the summer, youth are encouraged to come and keep their skills fresh with education software. The computer lab is also available for volunteers to use while staying in volunteer housing.

Thrift Shop

Our food bank is open only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 12 pm or by appointment.

     The Workout Room features two treadmills and stationary bicycles, a dumbbell set up to 25 lbs, and yoga mats.  The Workout Room is open during regular office hours for any one in the community free of charge!

Computer Lab

     DCC offers housing rehabilitation services to community members in need. This is has been an on-going ministry for many years in the Dulac area. The Disaster Relief Ministry of the United Methodist Church established a more structured program to be housed at the Dulac Community Center, following the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  The program was able to bring much needed funding to the community, but so much work still remained after the program cycle was over.  Hurricanes Gustav and Ike brought more destruction to the fragile community just three years later. Between the continued threat of devastating hurricanes and economic uncertainty, many homeowners are left with projects to be completed.

     Community members may contact the DCC when they experience housing maintenance issues that they are unable to address. A DCC staff member visits the family to determine their need and assess what resources the family may have. When volunteers with the skills needed to perform repairs/work on the home, the homeowner is notified of the volunteers arrival date.
**The homeowner is responsible for having the required materials ready and on hand prior to the volunteers arrival.**Handicap ramps are high on the list of needs, and these are built to code. Dry walling, painting, re-roofing, window repair and replacement and similar tasks are completed. Aging floors may be replaced and new floor coverings installed. Small-to-medium electrical and plumbing problems are diagnosed and repaired, or a referral to a local licensed electrician or plumber is given. Volunteers are assigned to homes in need by DCC staff and work under the DCC umbrella of liability and supervision. Often volunteers bond in a special way with the clients for whom they work, providing a listening ear and loving encouragement.

If you or someone you know needs assistance please stop by the office to pick up a Housing Rehabilitation form and for more information.

     Clothes Closet provides clothes, household items, shoes, and linens to members of the community who are in need of these items. These items are available to area residents for a nominal charge in a pleasant, shopping atmosphere. Donated clothing and household items are accepted from residents and volunteer groups. Community center staff and volunteers will assist with accepting these donations, sorting and displaying items in order to make them ready for “sale”.   

**If you would like to leave a donation, please call before dropping off donations or leaving them unattended at the Center's door.

Housing Rehabilitation

Workout Room

Food Bank

     Food and personal care items are available to families in case of emergency or extreme need. Families may be eligible up to twice a year for basic staples such as rice, beans, eggs, fruit juice, and canned vegetables. DCC requires clients to provide evidence of need and the number of individuals in the household. As part of the process, clients are recommended to apply for food stamps and/or are referred to other assistance organizations for longer-term assistance and counseling.

     The DCC gym is a food commodity distribution site for the Terrebonne Council on Aging. Community residents must apply to the Council for approval for food assistance and food is distributed every other month on the second Friday of that month.

     The Community Center Gymnasium is open to anyone in the community for recreation Monday-Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm daily and closed on weekends.